with the lifestyle that heals your body
and naturally raises your vibrancy, creativity and connection
to the next level.


Your body is a temple.
It is here to support your highest reality.
You are the owner of your body and can direct it as you envision.

It's about going beyond your limits  - while being naturally led.
It's about being wowed by the simplicity of self healing
and awed by the regenerative intelligence of the body.

It's about discarding habits & patterns that no longer serve you.
(for real this time!)

Once you clear the obstructions that are blocking your natural life force
- there is no going back to old ways.


Your vitality doesn't have to slip away.
You don't have to tolerate symptoms.

You can reverse the effects of time.
You can live in a regenerative state.

Your best years are ahead of you.
You just need a framework and some consistency.

I am here to guide you into a powerful
reclaiming of your vitality & well-being.


Are you . . .

~ a mission oriented woman with a vision too big to be held back by physical symptoms.
~ a mindful mother who selflessly gives and you want to reconnect with yourself again.
~ a seeker, lover, healer and/or artist who knows the high price of sacrificing self care.

When you want to experience your best
but the body is holding you back,
its time to bring in a whole new framework.


When the list of foods you can eat keeps shrinking,
tolerating less is not the way forward.

When meal creation becomes a chore,
staying uninspired is not the way forward.

When you barely have energy for the day, let alone sharing it with your loved ones,
retreating from life is not the way forward.

Being "too busy" to care for the body causes us to live in a pattern of rushing through life.
Just as we disconnect from the body, we end up missing out on the beautiful moments of our lives.

We don't need more time to be busy,
we need to make more time to be healthy.


Symptoms are messages from your body letting you know what isn't working
and asking for change.
I imagine, you are ready for change too . . .

Do you experience any of these symptoms?

*weight gain
*memory loss
*low or no libido
*dry wrinkling skin

*aching joints
*low mood / anxiety / depression
*low energy
*loss of inspiration / purpose
*easily agitated
*skin disorders - inflamed/ itching / eruptions
*poor digestion
*ringing in the ears
*yeast infections
*bladder infections / IC
* cysts, fibroids & abnormal paps
*cold extremities
*chest pains
*sore throats / frequent colds
*food sensitivities

The list goes on . . . .and on!

These symptoms are VERY common and unfortunately - tolerated and even considered normal! But they are NOT normal at all - they are messages from the body telling indicating that change is needed.

So let's begin to REALLY listen....and give the body what it needs.

There is nothing more empowering than facing and overcoming challenges. The body is SO intelligent, so lets get on the side of nature.

You have the power to heal every symptom
and experience your best vitality.


All that is needed
is your powerful

Your body is meant to be your most powerful vehicle of support. It is meant to provide you with all the energy you need to fulfill your dreams and responsibilities.

You CAN be free of symptoms - at any age - IF you are willing to align with the lifestyle that best supports this process.

For the body to heal itself - it must be supported in our daily choices. What the body needs to thrive is simple but not always easy - as we know. The good news is - nature KNOWS and given the chance, the truth of simplicity will always win and everything can't help but fall into alignment.


a 21 day lifestyle transformation journey
supported by raw living foods

Learn & experience the framework
that will reconnect you to a whole new sense of
vibrancy, connection, creativity and healing.

Imagine . . .

*increased energy *deep hydration *improved digestion
*clearer skin *deeper sleeps *releasing negative food  patterns
*lighter happier moods *tapping into your healing capacity *improved physical health
*clearer thinking *deeper connection with oneself & spirit
. . . and more


a powerful new beginning.


What would you create if you had more energy?

Can you imagine:

Your body healed and free of symptoms?
Waking up vibrant and ready for a new day?
Thinking clearer and feeling calmer?

What does vibrant health mean to you?
How would it inspire your life?

Love letters and experiences from clients . . .

REFRESH Includes:

+amazing raw food / mucus free recipes & inspiration

+ guide to customize your ideal cleanse experience
+weekly Facebook Live
+accountability & support in a private group
+30 minute planing session with Monica (zoom or messenger)
+ "Pur Liquid Recipes" e-book
+ "Holy Salad" recipe e-book (releases June 30)
(recipes to be created & shared during the cleanse)

If you have been considering a "Let's Tea" session with me and enjoy learning in a group with lots of support  - this cleanse is for you!!


Are you ready to REFRESH with me
June 1st - 21st?

**to maintain high integrity and success for each participant
**there are only 10 spots available
**this is a one time offer at this special rate.