Let’s Tea!

Are you ready to make a change to your lifestyle and heal your body, but not sure where to begin?

It's true, the hardest part is getting started.
Unfortunately, not knowing where to begin can turn good intentions into months of procrastination.

I get it, because I've been there.
Let's not let this happen to you!

Tea dates have always been my favorite way to connect with my favorite people.
I always come away feeling refreshed, inspired and empowered.

Meeting face to face is something we should all make more time for, don't you think?!

With this in mind, I decided tea dates are a perfect way to share the practical information you need to move forward,
at the moment you are most inspired.

No.  More. Delay.

"Let's Tea" are 90 minute knowledge filled sessions in person or by zoom.

I meet you where you are,
learn where you want to be,
and together we draw up a plan
to get you confidently moving forward

on your detox and healing journey.

You must plan for your success.

I focus on simplicity and structure.
I have learned that structure in the way of a good transition sets you up for lasting change.

Because we are done with fads and roller coaster rides, right?

We begin by setting up a routine by adding simple daily habits (structure)
then we tweak and refine (deepen),
enjoying the fruits of an aligned and healthy lifestyle  along the way (regeneration).

We will talk about:

**what foods to avoid,
**what to eat more of and when,
**specific herbs that support
**various phases and approaches of healing and regenerating the body
**diving deeply into your specific sabotage patterns
**creating a powerful context /mindset
**getting clear on the framework that will work best for you right now

The session is filled with knowledge
and we create a practical framework for you to move forward,

so I will have you complete a questionnaire prior to our session
so we can dive in right away.

Between NOW and early summer IS the PERFECT time to begin preparing
for deeper detoxification in the summer,
when the bounty of nature is so generous.

A good TRANSITION makes ALL the difference.

My intention is for you to leave with feeling empowered, inspired and CLEAR about your next steps
with a daily routine that will help you realize your goals.

Sound refreshing?

Let's Tea, shall we?

Let's Tea (90 Minute 1 on 1)



Maggie A ~ Photographer
"Monica was an integral player in setting me in the right direction. Her knowledge is vast and her method of sharing was so gentle and in tune to my needs and where I was at. So far, my cholesterol is down 30 points, my menstrual cycle is beginning to return to normal, I don’t have all the aches and pains I once had and my thinking is clear and less anxious. Thank you Monica for your support and knowledge"

Ma Karuna ~ Artist
"Monica not only has an incredible capacity for intensive and extensive research but the integrity and intensity to fully experience what she teaches first.
I would highly recommend taking her up on her "Let's Tea" option to make your health goals a reality. She's a blade of truth that cuts through the endless stream of B.S. being marketed to us from food and pharmaceutical industries.
If you are really wanting to experience a shift in the health dimension with someone who hold sacred space for detox, Monica is your girl.
Don't hesitate. "

Joann ~ Entrepreneur
"I am finally on a path to healing my health by addressing the root cause and not just treating a symptom. Prior to being introduced to Monica I spent over three years seeing more medical doctors than I can count with no avail. Within four weeks of following her recommendations and changing my diet I saw results and was able to digest food and properly move my bowels without medication or supplements. I cannot say enough positive things about her work!

Celisha ~ Artist
"Monica walks her talk. She has shown me and demonstrated how to navigate with integrity, passion and infinite truth. When you encounter Monica, do not underestimate... she is a gem, and prepare to have your life touched in a way you have never experienced. Truth permeates from her being, and her gentle guidance will bring you back to simplicity, nature, and oneness. My journey into detoxification has been physical, emotional and without a doubt spiritual. Thank you Monica, I am forever grateful for you."